Rent Then Buy It’s That Easy

Rent Then Buy is a retail financial system similar to those used by national organisations to attract and retain customers, traditionally it has been used in the household goods rental market industry

Our System

The Rent Then Buy System allows customers to receive goods on rental terms, without paying a deposit or entering into a hire purchase contract.
It offers a paperless and hassle free way to afford the things they need without having to outlay a lot of money upfront.

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Why Be a Licensee?

For Any Retailer

The Rent Then Buy System can be used by any retailer wishing to provide a more affordable way for their customers to acquire items that they sell

Improved Cash Flow

The advantage of using Rent Then Buy to the retailer is that there is continual cash flow to the business as well as significant returns on the investment in the stock used in the System

Maintain Ownership

The retailer also maintains ownership of the goods until paid out by the customer

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